Safety signpost: Handy factsheet on keeping children safe from e-cigs and other nicotine products

24 Nov 2014

A young girl wearing a seat beat in a car

Following the surge in the use of e-cigarettes, Children in Wales has reissued its useful factsheet for practitioners on nicotine replacement product and e-cigarettes.

Nicotine is highly poisonous for children, and just a very tiny amount can kill a child. In September, we reported the story of a two-year-old girl who was admitted to hospital with nicotine poisoning after she licked an e-cigarette refill cartridge.

Children in Wales has produced a fantastic one-page factsheet (PDF, 178kb) which summarises the issue and explains the simple steps to protect children from accidental nicotine poisoning. It also includes details of what the symptoms are and what to do if you suspect your child has been accidentally poisoned.

Karen McFarlane of Children in Wales said:

"With an increase in the number of people using nicotine replacements products and e-cigarettes, I am disseminating the attached nicotine poisoning information again.  This may be of particular use to colleagues who will be supporting families on smoking cessation programmes."

More information

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