Our publications and products help you under the real risks of serious accidents and the simple steps parents can take to protect their children from harm.

Find out why our customers rate CAPT's resources so highly and find them an invaluable resource for helping to prevent child accidents.

"CAPT’s leaflets, booklets, posters and flyers make up a large part of our Health Promotion catalogue for a very good reason – it’s the invaluable safety messages they provide which help to support practitioners in Lincolnshire when promoting child safety to local families.

- Alison Ferrett, Lincolnshire Knowledge & Resources Service

"I regularly look at the CAPT website and read the newsletter. They’re always informative with the up to date research and topics about latest accidents, so I know I am giving out the correct information to our families."

- Sheila Brennan, Family Development Worker, Bierley Children’s Centre, West Yorks

On CAPT's leaflets and flyers

"Following each home safety check we provide parents with CAPT leaflets and flyers to reinforce what we have discussed. I particularly value the flyers as they are visually effective and can be used as first aid guides."

- Angela Long, Family Support Worker, The Windmill Children’s Centre

On our booklets

"We chose CAPT’s booklets for our families because of their relevance, accessibility and the clarity of the home safety messages they convey. The visual nature of the booklets makes them ideal for parents who do not have English as their first language. They also allow us to target information and advice to parents and leave them a resource that they can re-visit."

- Ian Rowley, Children’s Centre Cluster Co-ordinator, Salford

On our DVD resource packs

"The DVD packs give you everything you need in one place, you can just take the pack down off the shelf and you’re ready to run a session."

- Liz Grady, Health Promotion Practitioner, Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust

CAPT's resources are colourful, easy-to-use, accessible and engaging. They are well-researched, contain the latest safety information for parents and offer practical help for families, parents and carers.

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