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If you work with children and families, we want to make sure you've got the right tools and information to give them accurate, engaging information on preventing childhood accidents.

Our resources are designed to give you an overview of the main accident causes. You can also find out how serious they are, and how you can help parents to keep their children safe.

CAPT publications

Alongside our free online safety advice for parents, we have developed a range of colourful, engaging materials which give key safety messages to parents and carers. You can view samples of our leaflets and flyers, browse our range of resources and place orders in our online shop.

While we'd love to provide all of our resources free of charge, CAPT relies on income from the sale of its publications to cover production costs and to fund its research and campaigning work.

Top selling products

Our products are presented in an engaging, colourful style that will appeal to parents and carers.

  1. Keep hair straighteners out of my reach
  2. Hair straighteners education pack
  3. One step ahead wallchart
  4. Pack of four posters
  5. How safe am I from bath water scalds?

A selection of CAPT products available in the shop

Training and consultancy

We are experts in child accident prevention and with our training, consultancy and mentoring services you can be too. Together we can build your skills, knowledge, confidence and help you develop effective strategies for child accident prevention in your local area.

Partnership working in child accident prevention

Are you a senior practitioner or policymaker working in or around the area of child accident prevention? Then visit Making the Link - a networking and partnership website to support those working in child accident prevention:

Visit the Making the Link site

Making the Link

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