Resource packs

"Your user friendly resources and DVD packs deliver messages in a way that parents and carers find interesting, enjoyable and non-threatening” Co-ordinator, Home Start project

Button batteries safety pack

Just getting started?

If you’re unfamiliar with our publications and/or need to equip your setting with a child safety advice for parents and carers, covering a range of subjects and in a range of formats why not try our starter pack. It's designed to help you launch and then support your programme of child accident prevention work.

The Child Safety Week display pack is an easy way to create a colourful display that grabs the attention of parents and carers. Includes copies of each of our posters, flyers and leaflets and booklets, plus two Child Safety Week posters and action packs.  Just £25 plus P&P.
All you need to create a colourful and informative display for Child Safety Week.
Display a poster and hand out a flyer and raise awareness of the dangers of button batteries.
A great way to stock up on a varied range of resources. Get our three DVD resource packs and a selection of CAPT publications.
A series of 15 laminated session plans, with flashcards on the reverse, for you to run effortless educational sessions or mini-sessions with parents of babies and young children.
A great way to stock up on a varied range of resources. Get a selection of CAPT publications.
Our hair straighteners education pack guides you through running effective, engaging discussions with parents and carers, exploring the dangers and the best ways to protect young children from preventable burns.
A great way to stock up on a varied range of resources, even if you're on a limited budget.
Serious accidents and child development are inextricably linked - parents are often taken by surprise when their child makes a sudden breakthrough in their development. Help parents of young children anticipate the risks and stay one step ahead with this comprehensive child development pack.